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Best Smart Garage Door Openers of 2020

For all owners who park their vehicles in a garage, you know the pain of returning just after you left from your garage for work. It’s because of the question that keeps bugging most people “Did I close my garage door properly?”. So, you take a U-turn to return in the middle of your journey just to check if the door is open or not. In fact, this is so common in most houses that dedicated products such as  “Garage door controllers” and “Garage door openers” have grown in popularity.

Smart garage door openers or controllers take the guesswork out of your mind and instills you confidence with peace of mind. If you are already using smart home devices such as Google Home assistant or Amazon Echo, it does not hurt at all to install a smart garage door opener especially considering how inexpensive they come. One other huge benefit is to protect yourself from the package thieves, by letting Amazon delivery workers drop the package inside the garage and shut it down immediately thereafter.

In this guide, let us some of the best smart garage door openers of 2020. Read along and see what fits your requirement.


Chamberlain has carved a name for itself as the best smart garage door opener for many users. Chamberlain is priced inexpensively at $30 which is lower compared to other picks. But do not let that misguide you. Its popularity is not for its price but for its effectiveness. MyQ app is compatible with most garage openers that were manufactured after 1993 and a huge range of compatible devices such as  Google Assistant, IFTTT, Nest, WInk makes this super controllable. WiFi is needed for this to work. While you get lost in doing other important things, Chamberlain helps to notify you if you left the door open. With the MyQ app, you can verify if the door is open or not and also open or close it as per your wish from the mobile app using the internet.


One of the issues is this is not readily compatible out of the box with HomeKit. Apple users can use the adapter to overcome this.

Tailwind iQ3 Smart WiFi Garage Door –

Tailwind has some pretty cool features that are missing a few other door openers such as Chamberlain. Its Precise Geolocation tracking using GPS software detects when you are approaching your garage and automatically opens the door and closes the door when you leave from your garage. Integration with Alexa and Google Assistant makes it really easy for all Amazon and Google users to voice control. Not to forget, Tailwind currently has one of the best hardware for a smart garage door opener which is responsible for its superior operation and responsiveness.


Few downsides are the lack of compatibility with HomeKit. However, HomeKit users can get an adapter to still use Tailwind.

Nexx Garage Remote Door opener –

Nexx offers few sophisticated features similar to Tailwind such as automatic door opening and closing depending on whether you are arriving or leaving your garage. Nexx has one of the best integrations with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Samsung’s SmartThings enabling you to give voice commands with ease. Remote accessibility lets you control things from the app no matter where you are physically in the world. Although you need Wi-Fi to be able to use the app


Installation and setup are slightly tricky with special attention to be given for connecting all places with the wiring. Also, sensors are to be placed in a specific way for them to detect garage movements, otherwise, it tends to get a bit unresponsive.

Garadget –

Garadget is an advanced smart garage door opener as it uses lasers to detect if your garage door is open or closed compared to other products that use sensors. This nifty device is placed on the top of the garage door panel containing a reflective tag. This laser is aimed towards the garage door and the reflective tag helps in identifying if the door is open or closed. Because of laser technology being used here, it makes it for really easy installation without any complicated setup with wiring work. From our research, Garadget is the Best choice for easy installation.

Integration with various third-party tools such as Alexa, Pebble, IFTTT, smartThings, and Google Assistant lets you control Garadget with simple voice-based instructions. Also, regular notification alerts from the Garadget app is a very useful feature.


Reflective tag is not big enough, so sometimes detection becomes a bit difficult. Users might want to buy an additional reflective tape for it to work flawlessly.

Scheduling Feature is missing from its Garadget app.

Slightly expensive though its laser technology makes up for it.


iSmartGatePro is packed with so many features compared to the other garage door openers. One feature that differentiates iSmartGatePro from the rest is its Camera integration. Now you can connect your IP security camera with iSmartGatePro to get visual confirmation if your is open or shut. Temperature checks can be done inside your garage door with advanced accessories of iSmartGatePro and the information is relayed to you via the app. Based on the temperature, one can open or close the door.

You can share permission access with up to 10 other people absolutely for free. And similar to others, it integrates with a wide range of other devices such as Alexa, Echo, Assistant, HomeKit, IFTTT. This is an ideal choice for HomeKit users because of how few products offer integration with their devices.


All these features make iSmartGatePro a versatile choice. Though this comes at a steep price tag, few people don’t mind paying “extra” for all these “extra” options and for the flexibility it offers. For all others who are just looking for a simple and affordable option, iSmartGatePro might not be an ideal choice.

Finally, to conclude, there are plenty of smart garage door openers available in the market. It is easy to get lost in picking one that suits you and your garage. This is why we have thoroughly researched and listed above the top 5 smart garage door controllers to help you narrow down your choice. When finalizing the product, ideally one needs to look at the price tag and your budget, ease of installation such as wired or wireless, range of compatibility, and integration options that can work with your existing smart home device such as Alexa, SmartThings, Nest, IFTTT, etc.

For starters, we highly recommend Chamberlain for its affordability, simple installation, and for all the basic features that are mostly sufficient. If you would like to opt for an advanced option, iSmartGatePro can be the best choice. No matter which option you go with, all you need is a WIFI or Internet connection to control your garage door with their respective app.

We hope this guide about the best smart garage door openers of 2020 proves useful for all our readers.

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