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Smart Home Features every Homeowner Should Know

The rise of technology in the past few years has made our lives much easier. Think about talking to someone on the other side of the globe. A century ago, not many thought it would be possible, but here we are embracing technology in all its fantastic advancements. This puts things into perspective how quickly the technology is shifting in the current world. While we have made technology a part of our lives, there is a lot that can be done in making things even easier and efficient.

 Humans have evolved from living in small bamboo-made homes to beautiful lavish villas now. But most of us still have not made our homes “smart” and continue to focus only on the good looks of a home.

Integrating technology into your home can truly make your home seem like an intelligent being communicating with you.

Benefit of a smart home –

  • Simplicity and Ease of doing
  • Efficiency – ability to control everything from a single app no matter where you are in the world. All you need is a mobile device.
  • Energy-saving – As the significance of Environment and Climate change is at its peak, we all can do our bit in this by reducing wasteful power usages and greenhouse gases.
  • Economical – with a drastic reduction in power bills, it can save you a lot of money which you can spend on some of your other favorite or essential things.

Top Smart Home Features every Homeowner needs to know

1.   Lighting –

Lighting plays a crucial role in impacting the look of the house. With an integrated smart home setup, you can automatically turn on lights in the house at a specific time of your choice, for example, say at 7 PM when it gets dark and can turn them off in the morning at 7 AM.

One can even connect the smart home system to a weather application to vary lighting timings based on that particular day or season’s sunset and sunrise times. It is also possible to switch on lights of a specific room of your choice or the complete building.

2.   Motion Detection –

Everyone in the world usually forgets switching off power-consuming devices when they are not in use. This is a universal problem and motion detection perfectly solves this problem. It makes sense to switch off power-consuming devices such as Lights and Fans when no one is in a room and turn them on only when someone enters the room. A motion detector tracks the movement of a person entering or leaving the room and does the required job extremely well.

3.   Security –

Security is the most crucial aspect for any homeowner. With smart security features, one can automatically set the security alarm to ring during specific timings such as from late night to early morning. With the combination of intrusion detection settings, any movement during this period sends an alert warning to security personnel and the homeowner mobile device and an alarm will be rung.

We are living in a generation where we do not use a key to open car doors, but we still use a key to open the home door. With better use of technology such as smart locks, we can use face detection, IRIS or a fingerprint scanning technology to open the door effortlessly and also on the other side prevent any theft incidents like breaking into the house by alerting the owner when a stranger is near the door.

4.   Home Entertainment –

With intelligent integration, one can set up their home music player to play music when returning to your house from the office. After working for long hours, one tends to feel tired upon their returning, uplifting or pleasant music welcoming upon one’s arrival surely can make one’s mood better.

5.   Appliance Control –

It makes sense to adjust or control your appliance settings based on a few parameters. Automatically, increasing or decreasing your room temperature based on the prevailing weather conditions or based on when someone leaves or returns the room can save significant energy and money on your Air Conditioning bills.

Also, turning off or reducing power to standby appliances can prevent guesswork and increase efficiency. One can even track daily usage of electricity going down to each individual device’s power consumption. This would give the owner the power to find out which devices are the culprits for a spike in power bills.

What was a luxury technology once, available to only rich people have become widely available today in all homes with the progress of technology. This shift enabled smart home technology to be affordable to every homeowner. Smart home technology is indispensable and a godsend for all ageing, old people and also those with mobility issues.

Many people tend to mistake smart home technology as just using an app for a specific purpose. But the actual smart home technology gives you a holistic experience and understanding of your complete home and is the only application that you’d need to install. This app can further be integrated with smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa and will open the opportunity for voice control commands giving you a completely hands-free experience. Based on a recent study, 73% of American home buyers prefer to own houses that are enabled with smart home features compared to usual homes. For all our readers reading this article, now that you know the number of advantages of smart home features, we hope you go “smart” with your home too.

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